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Make up & hairstyling workshops

Make up & hairstyling workshops

makeup workshop

UBELLAs makeup workshop consists of a short course specifically aimed at individuals who wish to learn more about the correct application of personal makeup. These are offered in a group setting, on a regular basis, at the UBELLA Academy.

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, Workshops, UBELLA

Have flawless makeup every single day

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, Workshops, UBELLA


You will be asked to bring along all your own makeup, including brushes and sponges. These are first assessed, to ensure that all necessary items are on hand. If something is missing, Alecia will make recommendations, with the aim of equipping you with as much knowledge about the kinds of makeup you would need. You will then be taught how to use your products and utensils properly, in order to achieve your desired look/s. 

Part 1: We start of by going through all the makeup that you currently own. There is no need to be shy about the contents of your makeup bag, as most women have only five items in their entire makeup collections.

Part 2: We then cover some top line theory by looking at the reasons for using makeup and what goal we should be striving to achieve in its application.

Part 3: We dive a little deeper with a more in-depth explanation and illustration of all the different types of products and tools currently in the makeup industry, including the difference between high-end and drugstore products; product lifespans and price variations, and what products to use for different skin types.

Part 4: Finally, it’s time for the fun part. In the practical part Alecia takes you through a step-by-step application of your makeup. How to hold your brushes, at what angles to apply your makeup, and how you should shape your face. You’ll learn a basic day look and how to change this into a more dramatic look for evenings out, or other events.




Items that may add value to your makeup workshop include a six-piece essential makeup brush set (in the UBELLA 100% genuine leather brush folder) and a latex free beauty blender.

The uniquely designed, 100% leather makeup brush folder protects your makeup brushes and keeps them safe from little fingers, furry friends, dust and other harmful agents.  Taking good care of your brushes is extremely important and can help extend the life of your brushes for up to ten years. 

Please note that some of the brushes are synthetic and others are made from animal hair.

See below FAQs for more information about brushes/brush care.

hairstyling workshop

UBELLA Academy presents a hairstyling workshop, consisting of a short course specifically aimed at individuals who wish to learn basic hairstyling skills – such as a basic up-style or curling their hair with a flat iron – for application at home. The workshops are offered in a group setting, on a regular basis, at the Academy.


Business Hours: Booking Tuesday to Saturday Open | Closed on Sundays & Mondays

I hereby give ubella my consent that any photographs that are taken of me before, during or after my appointment, may be used on all media platforms.

I acknowledge the following: •Everyone that is having their makeup done should be ready with a clean, moisturized face. •Everyone that is having their hair done should kindly have their hair washed, conditioned, and well rinsed the night before. Please do not flat iron your hair but feel free to blow dry your hair as normal or left to airdry. (Do not apply any additional products to your hair once your hair has been washed, for example: heat protector, serum, hair mouse etc.)

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