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Professional bridal hair and makeup for you and your bridal party. This service can include hair and makeup trials and we are also available to meet you at your venue on your important day.

, Bridal, UBELLA
, Bridal, UBELLA

you deserve to feel beautiful on your special day

, Bridal, UBELLA
, Bridal, UBELLA

We offer a bridal service that includes professional hair and makeup for the bride and her bridal party. This service can include a trial run if you’d like to experiment a little before the big day. We are also more than happy to come and do your hair and makeup at your venue, on the day of your wedding.

It’s a big day, one you’ll never forget, and of course you need to look your very best. Helping you to look breath-taking is not just another day at the office for us: on your special day, there is nobody more special to us, than you. 

We never book more than one wedding on a day, and this allows Alecia’s focus to be entirely on you, and only you. This policy is such an important part of the UBELLA ethic and has been born out of experience gained over sixteen years. No matter how detailed your wedding planning is, things can still go wrong… In fact, Alecia could entertain you with several anecdotes and stories, including about load shedding, food poisoning, traffic, people running late, dress disasters and spills, a mother-in-law putting a spanner in the works, and other unforeseen delays. By booking just one wedding a day, Alecia can give one bridal party her complete and undivided attention and ensures that everyone is ready when that wedding march begins to play.

“I’ve seen my fair share of unfortunate occurrences and I’ve researched every possible problem and solution that a bride may have to deal with… so much so that I even come prepared with an extra kit, to assist when ‘Murphy’ is at it again… I’m always excited to play my part in making the wedding day the very best day of the bride’s life!” Alecia.

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