brush faq’s

Why is it important to use the correct makeup brushes?
The most important part of your entire makeup kit is your brushes, as it is impossible for you to apply your makeup correctly without having the correct tools. When you are applying makeup to your face you are working on small features, so your brushes must be the right size, texture and quality. If necessary, use makeup that costs less rather than skimping on your brushes. To illustrate the point – just imagine if Michelangelo hadn’t been given the right tools in 1508 to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and complete his perfect, delicate and precise masterpiece?

Why use a beauty blender?
A beauty blender is not a normal makeup sponge. Unlike the traditional makeup sponges, the beauty blender is hydrophilic – which simply put is a fancy word meaning that it’s designed to absorb water. Back in 2007, most makeup sponges were designed to repel moisture, with the logic being that a soaked sponge = product lost. However, when you wet the beauty blender prior to using it (which is the correct sequence), it soaks up the water so that there’s no room left to absorb your foundation, too. Makes sense, right?

The latex-free makeup sponge is shaped like an egg and gives your foundation and concealer a gorgeous, airbrushed finish.

How should I wash my makeup brushes?
You can use any shampoo, combined with lukewarm water, to wash your brushes. Have a towel on hand to squeeze out excess moisture. If you’d like to watch a video demonstration by Alecia, there is a short tutorial here

Place a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand.
Wet your brush with water and then move the brush through the shampoo, in circular motion.
Rinse your brush in clean water, and if you feel it is still not clean, repeat the steps above.
Once you are happy that your brush is clean, squeeze the water from the brush using a towel. Do not rub your brush on the towel, as this will damage the bristles.
After towel drying your brushes, pass your index finger and thumb over the bristles, ensuring that all the hairs cling nicely together before placing them on a towel in front of an open window or in the sun.
IMPORTANT: Never dry your brushes by placing them bristles facing up in a mug/cup. This allows water to run down into the ferrule (silver steel part holding the bristles in place) where the glue holds everything together. Once the glue gets wet, your bristles will eventually start falling out, permanently damaging your brush.

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