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Alecia Joubert, founder, and master educator at UBELLA, has worked as a professional makeup artist for over sixteen years. She has a broad spectrum of experience in creating all beauty looks and has worked both in South Africa and abroad. Alecia initially pursued her passion for makeup artistry and transformation as a hobby, while completing her B-Comm degree and then while working in a law firm. After realising the intrinsic value of her skills and the opportunity to make a career out of something she really loved, she established UBELLA in 2013. 

Alecia, once a self-confessed clumsy, insecure and awkward teenager, remembers how the kind attention of a beauty professional transformed her from feeling like the ugly duckling to having the confidence of a swan. “Whenever I do a makeover for a client it takes me back to my teenage days. I remember the day I first felt truly beautiful and could look people straight in the eye with my newfound confidence! That incredible sense of self-worth runs so much deeper than hair or make up, and it’s my mission to pass this intangible tangible ‘thing’ to others, through the attention and service that I give them.”

a note from alecia

For me, it’s so much more than doing your makeup, it’s the bond and connection I form with you. I have this deep desire in me to show you what you need to see in yourself. Through my ability, skill and presence of positivity, I only wish to enhance what you were already born with, hide the minor imperfections and give you that much needed and well-deserved confidence in yourself

Let’s work together and make magic for your confidence!

, About, UBELLA

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If you want to learn more about Alecia and make-up browse Ubella’s YouTube channel!

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